Dear Customers K9 Connection NI have become a designated "drop off" point for the charity called PlayforStrays.
You can purchase a dog toy and bring it to us; we will pop in our collection basket. PlayforStrays will make collections and then distribute your donated toys to rescue charities around the world.
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Dog obedience & behavioural training to help you and your dog to live happily together

All dogs need basic training and socialisation to show them how to be a “good dog”. K9 Connection NI works with dogs and their owners using positive reinforcement to give guaranteed results. Our services include obedience training for puppies and adult dogs. We can also help you to tackle established behavioural problems like aggression, separation anxiety and pulling on the lead.

K9 Connection NI:

  • Adheres to a strict code of ethics
  • Uses only reward-based training methods with absolutely no cruel punishments
  • Has successfully helped hundreds of dogs and their owners overcome problem behaviour
  • Gives honest, impartial advice

Please take time to explore our website and contact us to find out how K9 Connection NI can help you and your dog enjoy a happy life together.

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Our Guarantee

This area is to highlight the problems owners may be worring about and letting them know K9 Connection NI can help.

Puppy Training

  • Does your dog never seem tired even after lots of exercise?
  • Would you like your dog to come when called?
  • Does your dog jump on visitors?
  • Would you like your dog to walk nicely on the lead?

Dog Behaviour

  • Does your dog get stressed when you leave them alone?
  • Are you struggling with constant barking?
  • Does your dog seem impulsive and out of control?
  • Have you had an inicdent where your dog has bitten?

Whatever your training needs we are trained to resolve them.

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IMDT Qualified Trainer

We abide by the IMDT code of ethics.