Food For Thought

Does it matter what you feed your dog? In short absolutely it does! It is important that we feed our furry friends a healthy and balanced diet. Would you believe a dog’s behaviour can be affected by nutrition and ingredients in their food? A good nutritional diet is vital for biological functions and those that act on behaviour.

Why Poultry & Fish? They are a lean premium protein source.
Chicken & turkey are usually high in protein and low in fat and can help dogs build muscle.
Salmon and trout are perhaps one of the most commonly used fish-based products in pets. This is a good thing. Fish is not only an excellent source of protein but it is also low in fat, enriched with omega oils, and rich in vitamins and minerals. Because relatively few dogs are allergic to fish and its so high in omega 3s its also a great meat for hypoallergenic foods for dogs suffering from allergies. The fatty acids can help support healthy skin, eye function and strong bones.
Now for the science bit!
Behaviours that are associated with aggression and stress in our dogs may be partially managed through the correct nutrition. Tryptophan is an amino acid that can help promote serotonin production. Serotonin is sometimes known as the ‘happy hormone’ and can have a positive and calming impact on behaviour.

My entire range from puppy to senior is Grain Free and offers a natural, complete and balanced diet for you canine friend. It has a gentle formula that is vet approved with a high meat content that us natuarally sourced. There are no added artificial colours, preservatives or grain. All my food is hypoallergenic and is sensitive to a dogs digestive system. It also has added Omega 3 to help with healthy skin and coat.

If you order two bags of any size dog food, I will only charge delivery for one

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