Dog Behaviour Services

Does it sometimes feel as though your dog is not the best friend he really could be?

For example

  • Does your dog pull on the lead so much that he chokes and you feel as though walking him is tougher than bench pressing 100Kg?
  • Does he embarrass you by jumping up at people leaving them scratched and bruised with muddy clothes?
  • Is he driving you to distraction with his barking? Are the neighbours complaining about the noise?
  • Has your property been damaged or chewed when you’ve left him home alone?
  • Is house training a struggle? Maybe he can’t seem to get the message or he’s forgotten what he once knew?
  • If your dog is handful in the car, barking, salivating or distracting you whilst driving – that’s not just a nuisance, it’s dangerous!
  • Is your dog fearful? Is he easily stressed by visitors or loud noises?
  • Does he behave badly towards people, dogs, bicycles or livestock?
  • What happens at the vets? Is he nervous, uncooperative or hard to handle?

No matter what the issue or how bad you think things are, I can promise you that all is not lost. I can help you fix any or all of those things and more.

Contact K9 Connection NI today to book a consultation and find how quickly 1-2-1 behaviour training can transform your dog back into the friend you want him to be.

Alternatively, scroll down read on to learn more about 1-2-1 behaviour consultations and the psychology behind modern dog training methods.

Any dog can exhibit unwanted behaviour at any time of its life. There are a myriad of possible reasons for it– perhaps something has changed in his routine, he’s had a bad experience or maybe he’s been affected by illness or injury. The important thing is to address the problem and get back on track as soon as possible. Seeking professional help from a canine behavioural consultant will ensure the speediest results with the least amount of worry.

More often than not, simply understanding why your dog is behaving the way he is, can help you to teach him a better way of doing things. You will save your sanity and potentially, the dog’s life too.
Improving behaviour the K9 Connection NI way

At K9 Connection NI we only use modern training methods that are based on scientific study of canine behaviour. By teaching your dog to focus on you and by rewarding and reinforcing the behaviour you want, your dog will soon gain confidence and overcome his problems.

For example. When you come home from work to discover that you dog has turned another piece of the skirting board into a pile of splinters, your initial reaction is to shout at him. But he finished chewing an hour ago and he’s forgotten all about it.

He’s just heard your car pull up, he’s come to door all waggy tailed and happy to see you and now he’s been yelled at. That happened yesterday too, and the day before. In the dogs mind, he associates the sound of your car in the drive with being punished. That’s confusing and stressful for him. Consequently, tomorrow, when he’s home alone, he’ll do what he needs to do in order to relieve his anxiety and prepare for your return home. Namely chewing the skirting board.
Punishment clearly hasn’t worked, in fact it’s made the problem worse.

Gary at K9 Connection NI has successfully helped many dogs and owners to negotiate the minefield of destructive behaviour. And he’s never once resorted to harsh methods.

A typical first consultation

First of all it’s important to realise that you will not be judged. The fact that you have recognised your dog has a problem and you are taking steps to address it is proof enough for Gary that you are an amazing dog owner.

Gary will chat with you, meet your dog and see how the two of you interact. It’s all very relaxed and informal.

With a combination of conversation and subtle behavioural tests, he’ll be able to work out what is likely happening in the dog’s mind to cause him to display unwanted behaviour(s).

We dog owners, are very close to our animals and sometimes tend to see them through rose coloured spectacles. When an independent expert helps you to stand back from the situation and take a different perspective, it’s like shining a light. The solution becomes more obvious.

Sometimes the problem and its solution is quite simple and easy to achieve. Sometimes it’s more deep-seated or complex and remedial training will involve patience.

At your first meeting with Gary he will take time to observe your dog and ask lots of questions about his behaviour and how you would like it to change. By reading the dog’s body language and seeing how he reacts to different situations, Gary will be able to work out what might be triggering the unwanted behaviour and start to put together a practical plan of action that is do-able for you and your dog.

After the initial assessment, Gary will discuss his findings with you and then remedial training will usually begin at your next meeting. You will be shown activities to work on at home and of course, Gary will be on hand to answer any questions you may have before the next session comes around.

It’s simple, it’s relatively painless and trust me, you will begin to feel better as soon as you’ve booked your first appointment.

Contact Gary at K9 Connection NI for help with your dog’s behavioural problems



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